We all fall apart.

The worst feeling

"I changed"

When I was seven
I asked myself
‘what colour should I use next?’
When I was eight
I asked myself
‘why is life so unfair?’
When I grew to nine
I mused
‘why do people even do drugs?’
When I turned ten
I asked myself
‘why is school so hard?’
At the age of eleven, it became
‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’
At twelve, it was
‘why am I not pretty?’
At thirteen, I contemplated
‘why doesn’t everyone do drugs?’
At fourteen, I asked
‘why does everyone hate me?’
When I hit fifteen, I wondered
‘how much weight would I have to lose for someone to love me?’
When I turned sixteen, I asked
‘should I try and kill myself again?’
At seventeen
I’m asking myself
‘what the hell am I going to with my life?’
And if I could answer just one of those questions,
if I could go back
and talk to my past self,
I would tell seven year old me,
that I should use the colour red
next, because in ten years
it’ll be my favourite.

— i won’t change my past when i can just change my future

Ynotophobia (Fear of Life Not Worth Living) Poetry Night

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